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Jujuy 267, Cordoba

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Link Cordoba Hostel


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Your place in Argentina!

From its fantastic location in the heart of the city, Link Cordoba Hostel is the place for you to connect with travellers from around the world and enjoy feeling at home in Cordoba.

Link Cordoba Hostel has stylish rooms designed to keep you comfortable. All rooms are

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- Directions to get to Link Cordoba Hostel, from the bus station of Cordoba capital city

On Foot: You get to Cordoba bus station and you look for the way out on the first floor. You will get to boulevard Illia. Go along Boulevard Illia and you will get to La Canada (Figueroa Alcorta) Then you turn right and go straight on until you get Jujuy street. Then you cross Colon Avenue and you continue along Jujuy street. There on the left you will find a door painted with the exact number 267 that is Link Cordoba Hostel.

Local Bus: Lines A7 A5 A9E (Central Line) E4 E7 V (Central Line) V2, Diferencial D2 (Ar $5 u$s 0.6)
To Take a bus. You will need to buy a token at a kiosk at the bus station. (It Costs $5 Argentine pesos).

Taxi (yellow cars) o Remise (green cars): It takes 5 minutes to get to the Link Cordoba Hostel by taxi. The cost of the trip is $12. If you think to spend 3 nights or more at Link Cordoba Hostel, you can ask for free transport from the bus station to the hostel.

- Suggestions to get to Link Cordoba Hostel from the airport

On Foot: The airport is too far from Cordoba city capital. It would not be advisable to come to Link Cordoba Hostel from the airport on foot. In case you want to do the walking, enter and have a look at our profile in Google place.

Local Bus: Inside the airport there is a bus stop for the bus A5 which takes tou very near L.C.H. The trip takes 45 minutes. To take this bus you will need to buy a token (arg$5) at the kiosk near the boarding Lounge.
It is also possible to get on the bus diferencial D4 (Arg$8 u$s1)
Journey Bus Line A5 Journey Bus diferencial D4

Taxi (yellow cars) o Remis (green cars): The journey takes 25 minutes.It costs approximately (Ar$ 150 U$S20). Taxis that depart from Cordoba airport are more expensive than those in other parts of the city..

Located near

Link Cordoba Hostel is ideally located, it lies at the heart of the city of Cordoba and only 3 minutes away from the main tourist attractions such as the Jesuit Square (declared in 2000 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), San Martin Square, El Cabildo (the seat of colonial government), La Canada (The Glen), The Buen Pastor Chapel and The Libertador San Martin's Theatre, among others. In the vicinity of the hostel you can find the intersection of the city's two main arteries, Canada and Colon Avenue and one of the main meeting points of the city. From there you can take a bus and be in half an hour at the famous hills of Cordoba, where you can practice all kinds of adventure sports (climbing, hiking, horseback riding, diving, paragliding, mountain biking, etc). The nightlife in Cordoba is also very close to Link Cordoba Hostel. You'll find and option for everything...bars, pubs, discos and clubs...all only a few minutes away from the hostel. Let's dance cuarteto!!! Tax is not included in the room rate 21%

Conditions & Policy

check in time at 12:00 check out time at 11:00 breakfast included credit cards not accepted +9 pax group bookings accepted Minimun 48hours before to cancel your booking Tax is not included in the room rate